Japan 2013 47th Prefectures Series Program - Kagoshima 1 oz Silver Proof Coin

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The Japan Mint is issuing the most extensive and beautiful series of coins in its history — commemorating 47 Prefectures. The large Prefecture 40 mm. coins are being minted in gem proof quality from 99.9% pure silver, limited to 100,000 of each, and picture local scenery in full color.

Kagoshima is featured on the newest Prefecture coin. The design features three significant nature items found in Kagoshima. On the left side of the coin is the Jomonsugi Cedar Tree, one of Kagoshima's oldest trees and estimated to be more than 7,000 years old. In the background is Mt. Nagatadake, which is shown with many granite rocks exposed through erosion. Lastly, on the bottom right of the coin is an evergreen low tree that is indigenous to Kagoshima. They are distinct because of their pink colored blossoms that bloom on every branch tip during the Spring time. Official American distributor Panda America offers these in original government packaging with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Earlier issues in the Prefecture Series, that was launched in 2008, are still available from Panda America.

Metal: Silver
Weight: 1 oz
Fineness: 99.9%
Mintage: 100,000 (10,000 available outside Japan)
Denomination: 1000 Yen
Condition: Proof
Year: 2013