About Us

Founded in 1982, Panda America was initially established to become the official United States distributor for the first ever China issued Panda gold bullion coins. The unprecedented success of these coins as both collectible coins and great investments accompanied the growth of our company to its current state as a world-recognized leader in modern numismatics and precious metals.

Since that auspicious start, we have sough other quality numismatic and bullion issues from sources worldwide. We have earned a reputation as a specialist in modern issue coinage and have been named distributor by dozens of mints, governments, and other major distributors around the world.

Today, Panda America is headquartered in Torrance, California, and enjoys a leadership position in marketing and distributing modern issue coins. Our commitment to quality - in the products we market and the people that make up our organization - has contributed to the development of the Panda America brand as one of prestige and integrity.

Our marketing expertise has produced a solid customer base that looks to Panda America for modern issue coins and bullion investments. We know the market and undertake consistent promotion through advertising and direct marketing to increase recognition and sales of our products. Providing service after the sale is another important aspect of our business. We create a two-way market in all of our offerings to give our customers liquidity through a readily accessible outlet when they decide to sell.

Brands & Mints we distribute