Japan 2010 47 Prefectures Series Program - Fukui Bimetallic Dinosaur Coin

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Features two dinosaurs--Fukuiraptor in the forefront and in the background, Fukuisaurus, whose fossil remains were also discovered in Fukui. The Fukuisaurus was also found to be a new species of dinosaur, but unlike Fukuiraptor, it was a plant-eating dinosaur. The reverse pictures an old Japanese “cash” coin. This brilliant uncirculated bimetallic coin is 26.5mm, and contains 7.1 gm. of Nickel-brass, Cupro-nickel and Copper. It comes in attractive business-card size sealed packaging.

Metal: Nickel-brass, Cupro-nickel and Copper
Weight: 7.1 grams
Denomination: 500 Yen
Diameter: 26.5 mm
Condition: Brilliant Uncirculated
Year: 2010