Hong Kong 2023 20th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung 1 oz Silver Antique Finish Commemorative - Origami Crane

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10 years ago, time stopped moving forward when a butterfly entered Leslie's 10th anniversary ceremony tenderly like a nobiliary. It caught all the attention of Leslie's fans and followers as it flew across the venue, eventually settled on the emormous red stage curtain of Leslie.  This incredible scene quickened the fans heartbeat as they were busy on making the origami cranes for the ceremony.  It became an experience that went beyond words and never-to-be-forgotten.  Only love and yearning can break the bondage of time, space, and physical form.

Ten years later, the origami crane was encased in everlasting metal to carry memories and blessings to the memory palace that bonds Butterfly, Leslie's fans and Origami crane.

Obverse design: The butterfly was designed to settle on Leslie's should, to recall the incredible moment at the Miss You-Much 10th Anniversary Ceremony (the "Leslie butterfly flew around the venue and eventually disappeared at the back of the origami crane boxes). More than that, it is also to express that love can unbind time and space.

Reverse design: 3D patterned with flawless white roses to represent the pure love for Leslie, the wording "For Leslie 20th Anniversary", and issued year.

Packaging: Roses and origami cranes were taken as the main elements of the presentation box, with forget-me-nots, red ribbon, and butterfly as setoff.  The champaign-gold star indicates the asteroid (asteroid number: 55383) that named after Leslie Chueng. The embossing pattern was specially designed to reveal fluorscent effect under the UV light.

Issued by: Macau Mint

Metal: Silver
Weight: 1 oz
Fineness: 99.9%
Condition: Antique Finished
Year: 2023