France 2020 UNESCO The Forbidden City Silver Proof Coin

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Issued by Monnaie de Paris. It is part of the UNESCO program.  Worldwide mintage: 3,000 pieces.

For more than 40 years, the UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) lists the sites that are part of the “world heritage cultural property sites”. Since 2007, Monnaie de Paris honours various monuments included in this list in a series of collector coins. From 2019, this thematic is expanding one more time all over the world. 
In 2020,Monnaie de Paris pays tribute to the largest Palace of the former world, just achieved 600 years ago: the Forbidden City located in Beijing, China.
The observere presents a view of the palace from the outer court, the nerve center of power where the great decisions of the Emperor were taken. It is reached by the southgate, the main entrance to the palace but also the only one today through which it can be accessed.
The words"600 years of the Forbidden City“, written in French on the roof of the palace are also translated into Chinese as reflecting in the courtyard. A gigantic dragon, symbol of Chinese imperial power, seems to embrace the palace and therefore protect it.
The reverse is common to all the coins in the UNESCO series for this year 2020. It represents the globe with parallels and meridians on the left and the inscriptions of major sites classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the right. The left side of the globe is surrounded by the UNESCO logo and the"World Heritage" marking.  
Metal: Silver
Weight: 22.2 grams
Purity: 90%
Denomination: 10 Euro
Condition: Proof
Mintage: 3,000
Year: 2020