China 2015 Butterfly Colorful Medal 4-pc Set - Series IV - From Chen Baocai Butterfly Museum

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The Chen Baocai Butterfly Museum collects more than 1,000 butterfly specimens from 37 countries and areas since 1980 to current.  It is located in Shanghai, China. 

The museum had been invited touring butterfly’s samples around China, participating in many children science education activities and charity programs.  The museum won many awards from different national collection exhibitions. The maximum specimen wingspan is 15 cm and the minimum is 1.4 cm.

The collection of the Butterflies Silver plated colorful commemoratives were issued from the Series I in 2012.  Up to 2023, this master collection will be completed in Series X with a total of 40 different species.  

Great gift ideas. Just choose any 4 beautiful insect species for your own customized butterflies, you will receive a FREE presentation box to hold the 4-pc commemoratives.

It comes in 4 designs: Papilio Weymeri, Attacus Atlas, Parthenos Syvia, and Charaxes Varanes Cramer

Metal: Silver Plated Over Copper-Nickel
Weight: 1 oz x 4-pc
Diameter: 39 mm x 4-pc
Condition: Proof-like
Year: 2015