China 2014 RMB 10 Yuan Banknote signed by Designer Zhao Qiming - Singapore International Coin Fair (SICF)

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At the 2014 Singapore International Coin Fair, China Banknote Designer Zhao Qiming, the creator of the reverse design for the Chinese 10 Yuan banknote was available to sign autographs in an exclusive packaging for attendees of the SICF. Panda America secured a few extra of these beautiful collectables to bring back to the USA for our collectors who couldn't attend the fair. Born in 1943, Zhao Qiming is a native of Haimen Jiangsu Province, China. He had a passion for design and the arts since he was young, and he graduated from Shanghai Academy of Art in 1962. He has designed various stamps and currency for the Chinese government, however the 10 Yuan banknote is his most famous. Featuring the Three Gorges Dam, this banknote was voted the world's most beautiful banknote at the 2002 World Currency Convention in Hawaii. The Three Gorges Dam is the world's largest power station and is intended not only to increase the Yangtze's shipping capacity, but also to reduce the flooding caused by the Yangtze. Designed with state of the art technology, it is an historical engineering feat and also the pride of the entire Chinese nation.
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Denomination: 10 Yuan
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Year: 2014
MetalID: 11