China 2012 People's Liberation Army Aircraft Carrier LiaoNing 1/4 oz Gold and 1 oz Silver Proof 2-pc Set

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‘China 2012 People’s Liberation Army Aircraft Carrier LiaoNing Coin’ has entered the ranks by presenting the first aircraft carrier of China with the design ideas of showing the comprehensive national strength and inspiring the national spirit. The classic picture of the aircraft, the carrier-based aircraft , the navy chest marked and the dove of peace are such different elements which are combined together used as design language. Realism and decorative interoperability are used as design techniques. The obverse of these gold & silver proof coins is the national emblem of the People 's Republic of China ,the country name and the issued reign. Underside sandblasted, national Emblem multi-level blast, internal bright and the country names and reign anti sandblasting are used as craft techniques which presents the main highlight and structured solemn effect.
MetalSpec: Gola and Silver
WtSpec: 1/4 oz and 1 oz
Purity: 0.999
Mintage: 20,000 sets
Denomination: 100 Yuan and 10 Yuan
Grade: Proof
DaySign: 15
OzSize: 0.25
GmSize: 7.775
Year: 2012
MetalID: 1