China 2009 Outlaws of the Marsh 1/3 oz Gold & 1 oz Silver Proof 3-pc Coin - Series I

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China 2009 "Outlaws of the Marsh" 1/3-oz Gold Coin. The People’s Bank of China has just released the "Outlaws of the Marsh Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins" through official distributor Panda America, commemorating one of the most well-known and beloved Chinese classic novels ever written. Written in the fourteenth century and derived from factual events and persons, the "Outlaws of the Marsh" tells the story of a group of male and female heroes at the end of the North Song Dynasty. The "Outlaws of the Marsh" coin program features famous characters, like SongJiang, leader of the bandits; and bold and brave leaders like Lu Zhishen, Li Kui, Wu Song and Lin Chong. These heroes banded together on a marsh-girt mountain in what today is Shandong Province, and became leaders of an outlaw army, fighting bravely against pompous, heartless tyrants. The stories of these battles and heroes struck a responsive chord with people, gradually evolving into folk legends. Now, thanks to the People's Bank of China, these legends will live forever represented on beautiful 99.9% pure Gold & Silver coins.
Metal: Gold
Weight: 1/3 oz Gold, 1 oz x 2 Silver
Fineness: 99.9%
Mintage: 30,000 Sets
Denomination: 150 Yuan, 10 Yuan x 2-pc
Condition: Proof
Year: 2009