China 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 1 Kilo Silver Proof Coin - Series II

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The obverse design featues the title "Games of the 29th Olympiad". The denomination is 300 Yuan. There are two very distinct Chinese folk sports events on the obverse side of the coin: ancient Chinese dragon boat racing, with four muscular racers paddling their way to victory in the foreground, horses racing against each other is seen on the background. The obverse side of this coin is a striking blend of Chinese culture and competitive sporting, a perfect representation of the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The reverse design features the title of in Chinese wording "People's Republic of China". Featured prominently in the center of the coin is the official 2008 Beijing Olympics logo, surrounded by two ancient Chinese dragons intertwining and facing the logo. Obverse designer: Zhou Jian Reverse designer: Yu Min, Sun Jiaying Obverse engraver: Xu Yunfei, Zhang Chunye Reverse engraver: Song Fei

The 1 Kilo Silver coin comes protected in a lacquered wooden display box emblazoned with the official 2008 Beijing Olympics logo and packaged in a sturdy red cardboard protector, also featuring the official 2008 Beijing Olympic logo. The coin is accompanied with a certificate of authenticityThe year featured on the coin is 2008, and the coin itself is a full 1 kilogram of pure 99.9% silver and has an extremely low mintage of 20,008 WORLDWIDE. The coin is up to standard as to its fineness and weight. With over a billion people in China alone, this coin won't be around for very long.

Metal: Silver
Weight: 1 Kilo
Fineness: 99.9%
Mintage: 20,008 pieces
Denomination: 300 Yuan
Condition: Proof
Year: 2008