China 1994 Inventions and Discoveries of China Series - 22 gram Silver 5-Coin Set - NGC Proof-69 Ultra Cameo

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Issued by the People's Bank of China and minted by Shenyang Mint in 1994. 

This is part of Inventions and Discoveries of China program - Series III. Each series came with gold, silver and/or platinum 5-coin set. 

Common Obverse design: the Great Wall of China.

Reverse design: Five-coin set of the chain pump used to draw water, the first record of a comet, the first silk fabric, the first ship mast and the first usage tuned bells.

Rare opportunity to acquire this coin, which is usually available only as part of an expensive 5-coin set.


Metal: Silver
Weight: 22 grams x 5-pc
Fineness: 90%
Denomination: 5 Yuan x 5-pc
Graded: NGC Proof-69 Ultra Cameo
Year: 1994