China 1993 Inventions and Discoveries of China Series - First Practical Umbrella Silver Proof Coin - NGC PF-69 Ultra Cameo

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Issued by the People's Bank of China and minted by Shenyang Mint in 1993. 

This is part of Inventions and Discoveries of China program - Series II. Each series came with gold, silver and/or platinum 5-coin set. 

Common Obverse design: the Great Wall of China.

Reverse design: It commemorates the "First Practical Umbrella" silver coin. For many centuries, silk umbrellas were used as chariot canopies. But the umbrella as we know it today first appeared in China during the Wei Dynasty (386 - 532 AD). It used an oiled paper made from the bark of the mulberry tree, and provided protection from both rain and sun. Later, the umbrella took on a symbolic significance in China, as they were used in ceremonies where the emperor gave special autographed umbrellas to trusted advisers. 

Rare opportunity to acquire this coin, which is usually available only as part of an expensive 5-coin set.

Metal: Silver
Weight: 22 grams
Fineness: 92.50%
Mintage: 15,000
Denomination: 5 Yuan
Graded: NGC PF-69 Ultra Cameo
Year: 1993