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Medals: Jewish Hall of Fame

The Jewish-American Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 1969 by Mel Wacks, who has served since as Director. It is now a division of the non-profit American Jewish Historical Society. Each year, a person is honored with the creation of limited edition medals, that are sold to raise funds for this educational project. These medals have been acquired by individuals, organizations, museums, etc. ... and have been called "one of the most important series of (American) medals in recent years" in the catalog issued for the 1990 Congress of the International Federation of Medallic Art, held at Helsinki.

Please consider acquiring one or more of these medals for your collection of medallic art or Judaica, as gifts or handsome awards for organizations, etc. And you are invited to visit the award-winning Jewish-American Hall of Fame web site at www.amuseum.org/jahf

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Limited to only 1,000 individually numbered bronze medals.

Item ID: 4999
Price: $225.00


Arthur Miller (born 1915) is a theatrical legend – winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the Kennedy Center Honors for Lifetime Achievement, and many other honors. Creator of Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, Misfits, etc.

Item ID: 1946
Price: $100.00


This commemorates the 500th anniversary of the landfall in the “New World” by Christopher Columbus. It features the first words that Columbus (who may have been of Jewish ancestry) wrote in his log: “After you expelled the Jews your majesties sent me with a fleet.”

Item ID: 1935
Price: $75.00


Ernestine Rose (1810-1892) was known as the “Queen of the Platform” for her spellbinding lectures promoting women’s rights, free education, and abolition.

Item ID: 1952
Price: $65.00


Houdini (1874-1926), the son of a Rabbi, was one of the greatest entertainers of his time. He also piloted the first sustained flight of an airplane over Australia.

Item ID: 1976
Price: $225.00


Fewer than 300 made. Available at official issue price.

Item ID: 7140
Price: $85.00


Exceptional portraits of pioneering labor leaders Samuel Gompers (founder of AF of L) and Sidney Hillman (founder of CIO), along with a dramatic scene of workers picketing for better working conditions and living wages.

Item ID: 4164
Price: $150.00

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