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Nepal Coins Commemorate Buddha
Nepal has issued coins commemorating Buddha, who was born there in about 566 BC. The religious philosopher and teacher is pictured in meditation under a Bodhi tree on 1/2, 1/10 and 1/25 oz. gold coins. The Nordic Gold and silver coins feature the Lord Buddha sitting beneath the Bodhi tree, spreading his teachings to his disciples. The common reverse features the name of His Majesty the King, Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev and the Nepalese calendar year B.S. 2058, surrounded by religious and cultural emblems of Nepal.

The 20 gm. Nordic Gold (alloy of copper, aluminum and zinc) brilliant uncirculated coin, mintage of 30,000, is priced at $14.95 and the 20 gm. sterling (925 fine) silver coin (15,000 made) is $55. The 1/25 oz. gold brilliant uncirculated coin (25,000 made) is $39, the 1/10 oz. gold brilliant uncirculated coin (15,000 made) is $55, and the 1/2 oz. pure (9999 fine) gold proof (mintage of 2,500) is priced at $375.

The Buddha coins can be ordered from PandaAmerica, 3460 Torrance Blvd., Suite 100, Torrance, CA 90503. Credit card orders can be placed by calling (800) 472-6327 or e-Mailing Click here to shop online.

Prince Siddhartha Gautama, later known as Lord Buddha, gained Enlightenment and Nirvana while meditating under a Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India at the age of 35. For the next 45 years, Lord Buddha brought the teachings of wisdom and compassion throughout India. He preached that the root cause of all human suffering was desire, and that the elimination of desire in all forms would lead to Nirvana (pure bliss).

Buddhist teaching and practice entered Sri Lanka (third century BC) and other parts of Southeast Asia. Monks carried the religion to China in the second century, Korea in the fourth century and to Japan and Tibet in the seventh century. Over half of the world's population now live in areas where Buddhism has been, or is now, the dominant practice.

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