Macau 2021 Year of the Ox 1 oz Silver Proof Color Coin

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The new Macau Lunar Coin Series (2020-2031) is issued by the Monetary Authority of Macau and exclusively minted and marketed by The Singapore Mint. A fresh set of designs and innovative minting techniques are adopted for this brand new lunar series.

The second issue of the Macau 4th Lunar Coin Series is the Year of the Ox coin. The obverse design of the coin features the outline of an energetic ox, portrayed with a vibrant display of blue and orange colored Portuguese-inspired patterned tiles, accentuating the vigor of the ox. Lotuses, which are a symbol of Macau, are embellished at the background, adding to the intricacy of the coin design. The accompanying texts are also thoughtfully arranged to resemble the Map of the Macau Peninsula.
The reverse design features the Lou Kau Mansion which is exquisitely sculpted by the latest angular high relief minting technique. The structure of the Lou Kau Mansion has the architectural characteristics of typical Chinese courtyard houses while the decorative motifs of the mansion integrate subtle western traits. This includes the featured oyster shell application on the windows preserved on its exterior facade which is common in neighboring regions of the Guangdong Province. The innovative angular side perspective presentation coupled with the intricate depiction immerses collectors in the depth of the mansion’s gentle and slender architectural profile.

Metal: Silver
Weight: 1 oz
Fineness: 99.99%
Denomination: 20 Patacas
Condition: Proof