Tempered Glass Display Showcase for Trade Shows and More

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Brought to you by Panda America are new showcases in a bronze finish. These new showcases are "High Quality and Durable"! They are a massive improvement over the ugly old silver showcases that measure 34L by 22W by 3H.

The features of our showcase include:

  • Increase durability with a stronger bronze finished frame. 
  • Improved design
  • Functionality built in, with hinges that are spring loaded. The benefits of this are that the hinges will hold the doors open for you.
  • Size, an improved depth of field and larger size opens options for display items. Measures 35L x 23W x 4.27H.
  • Security, made with a tempered glass top and high quality lock that comes with 3 keys.
Weight: 25 lbs
Dimension: 35 L x 23 W x 4.72 H inches