Japan 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics Games 3- Coin Set - Series I

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1997 Japan the Nagano Winter Olympic Games Proof 3-Coin Set - Series I

In commemoration of the Winter Olympic Games to be held in Nagano in February of 1998, the Japan Mint stuck these legal tender gold, silver and cupronickel proof coins in each denomination of 10,000 Yen, 5,000 Yen and 500 Yen.

Total mintage: 33,000 sets

Metal: Gold, Silver and N/C
Weight: 15.6 grams, 15 grams and 7.2 grams
Fineness: 99.9%, 92.5% and 7.5%, 75% and 25%
Mintage: 33,000 set
Condition: Proof
Year: 1998