France 2011 Andy Warhol 1 Kilo Gold Proof Coin - Certificate #1

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This exceptional 1 Kilo Gold Coin, 25th Anniversary of Andy Warhol's death, Monnaie de Paris is striking a coin sereis to pay tribute to a prolific artist, far beyond the frontiers of Pop Art.

The 1 Kilo gold coin is prested in an exclusive unique case, designed in close collaboration with The Andy Warhold Foundation for the Visual Arts.  Its structure, crafted from folded sheet metal, evokes the industrial nature of the artist's work during the Factory years.  The dominance of the black color evokes the silkscreen prints of the artisit who used his color to emphasise contrast and highlight bright colors in his work. The Dollar Sign and the self-portrait of the artist on the coin also feature on the scabbards and the case.

The coin bears the famous "Dollar Signs" on its obverse thus creating an unprecedented situation: an America monetary symbol apppeaing on euro coins. The obverse also features the year 2011, to indicate when the coins were struck and the copyright of the Warhol Foundation. On the reverse, a self-portrait by Andy Warhol, dated 1964, is depicted alongside the dates of the artist's life (1928-1987). in the background stands the famous quotation by Andy Warhol "Making money is art". A nod to Monnaie de Paris and a tribut to the subversive style of the master of Pop Art.

France 2011 Andy Warhol 1 Kilo Gold Proof Coin - Certificate #1

Metal: Gold
Weight: 1 Kilo
Fineness: 99.9%
Mintage: 29 pieces
Denomination: 5000 Euro
Condition: Proof
Diameter: 63 mm x 90 mm
Year: 2011