China 2015 Mount Jiuhua 5 oz Gold Coin

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The People’s Bank of China has issued a 5-coin gold and silver set commemorating the Chinese Buddhist Shrine of Mount Jiuhua. All coins are 99.9% pure and are legal tender of the People’s Republic of China, featuring the national emblem. The Mount Jiuhua coins are a continuation of the Chinese Sacred Buddhist Mountain Series, which previously included Mount Wutai, Mount Putuo, and Mount Emei. The 5 ounce gold coin features the statues of Earth Store Bodhisattva. The 1 kilogram gold coin features the “One Hundred Years Old House,” also known as the Longevity Palace. The 1/4 ounce gold coin features a detailed Bodhisattva statue, lined with auspicious clouds in the background. The 1 kilogram silver coin features a Bodhisattva statue, lined in the background mountain peaks. The 2 ounce silver coin features Tiantai Temple.
MetalSpec: Gold
WtSpec: 5 oz
Purity: 0.999
Mintage: 2000
Denomination: 2000 Yuan
Grade: Proof
DaySign: 0
OzSize: 5
GmSize: 155.5
Year: 2015
MetalID: 1