China 2013 Huangshan Mountain 1 Kilo Gold Proof Coin - CERTIFICATE NUMBER 1

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A set of commemorative coins of Huangshan Mountain (also called Yellow Mountain), a world cultural and natural heritage in Anhui province, was minted by the People's Bank of China. On the obverse, the coins feature the same pattern – the national emblem, country name and year – while the reverse features different scenery from Huangshan Mountain. As legal tender, each coin is 99.9% pure and minted in proof quality. All coins are minted by Shenzhen Mint, Shenyang Mint and Shanghai Mint. The 1 kg gold commemorative coin features the well known and famous Ying Ke Pine, or Welcome Pine. This is a one of a kind coin, as it comes with an official box with certificate number 1. Own the FIRST Huangshan 1 kilo gold coin today!
MetalSpec: Gold
WtSpec: 1 Kilo
Purity: 99.90%
Mintage: 200
Denomination: RMB 10000
Grade: Proof
DaySign: 0
OzSize: 32.15
GmSize: 999.865
Year: 2013
MetalID: 1