China 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Gold 2-pc and Silver 4-pc Coin - Series III

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The obverse design features the title of PRC, the common year date "2008", the traditional paired Chinese dragon image and the colored emblem of the Games of XXIX Olympiad.  The obverse of the coin presents a contrast between the mirror-like background and the frosted finish of the designs, which include the paired dragon design, the rim, the country name and the year date.

Series III: The Reverse designs feature an ancient Chinese archery event and an ancient Chinese equestrian event for the 1/3 oz Gold Proof Coins. The reverse designs feature mainly the Shuttlecock Kicking, Hoope Rolling, Goat Jumping, and Kite Flying for the 1 oz Silver Proof Coins.

Worldwide mintage: 60,000 sets



Metal: Gold and Silver
Weight: 1/3 oz x 2-Coin and 1 oz x 4-Coin
Fineness: 99.9%
Mintage: 60,000 sets
Denomination: 150 Yuan x 2-Coin and 10 Yuan x 4-Coin
Condition: Proof
Year: 2008