China 1992-1993 Inventions and Discoveries of China Series - 22 grams Silver Proof Coin - Lot of 5-Coin Sets - OVERSTOCKED SPECIAL!

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Each five-coin set commemorates Chinese inventions of the compass, seismograph (earthquake detector), Bronze Age metal working, archaeological discoveries, and yin yang. Each gem proof coin is minted from 22 grams of 900 fine silver. A maximum of only 15,000 sets can be assembled.
MetalSpec: Silver
WtSpec: 20 gm. each (110 gm. total)
Purity: 0.925
Mintage: 15,000
Denomination: 5 Yuan
Grade: Proof
DaySign: 30
OzSize: 3.215
GmSize: 99.987
Year: 1993
MetalID: 2