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Government of Cook Islands Issues Zodiac Coins
With Encapsulated Birthstones

No more than 10,000 each of silver and gold-plated silver One Dollar coins, with designs based on the twelve signs of the zodiac, have been issued by the Government of Cook Islands and produced in proof quality by Australia's Perth Mint. Each coin features a freshly interpreted and dramatically depicted zodiac sign (Acquarius, Gemini, Virgo, etc.) with a recessed area in the center housing the appropriate birthstones (emerald for Cancer, topaz for Sagittarius, ruby for Capricorn, etc.). The gemstones are free to move in their encapsulated space.

The word "zodiac" comes from a Greek word meaning, "circle of animals." According to Greek mythology, the animals representing the signs were placed among the stars by Greek gods and goddesses usually to reward them for great acts of heroism. For example, the sign of Capricorn represents the goat Amalthea who fed the infant Zeus; it is said that Zeus placed her among the stars in gratitude. The first association of a special gem with each month was recorded in the Bible (Exodus 28 and 39). The original breastplate of the High Priest was said to be made by Moses according to instructions he received from God; the twelve gems in the breastplate were originally associated with the Twelve Tribes, and later were linked to the signs of the zodiac.

These zodiac-birthstone coins are priced at $49 each in 8.5 gm. of pure silver, or $59 for the gold-plated silver version. Each coin comes in a brightly colored gift card listing the dates and gemstones corresponding to each zodiac sign. For an additional $10 the coin will come in a matching bezel so it can be worn as an attractive pendant. Orders can be sent to distributor PandaAmerica, 3460 Torrance Blvd, Suite 100, Torrance, CA 90503. Credit card orders can be placed by calling (800) 472-6327 or emailing Add $5.50 per order for shipping and insurance.

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Prepared by Mel Wacks
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