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2004 Vietnam Monkey Commemorative Coin Programme
Endangered Wild Life Series
Minted and Marketed By The Singapore Mint

Vietnam is home to many primates in the world, with numerous at the brink of extinction or currently classified as endangered.

This Year 2004 Vietnam Monkey Coin Series commemorates two beautiful primates endemic to Vietnam; the beautiful Grey-shanked Douc Langur and the Cat Ba Langur found only on Cat Island of Vietnam.

In addition, The Singapore Mint is honoured to present for the first time, a new coin featuring depicting the distinct and unique culture of Vietnam.
Vietnam 2004 Year of the Monkey Coins

Grey-shanked Douc Langur

  • 20grams 999 Silver Proof Coin with Special Colour Application
  • 1/4oz 999.9 Gold Proof Coin
  • 1/25oz 999.9 Gold Bu Coin

Cat Ba Langur

  • 999 Silver Proof Coin with Dynamic Hologram
  • 1/2oz 999.9 Gold Proof Coin with Dynamic Hologram

Vietnam Culture Coin

  • 999 Silver Proof Coin with Special Colour Application
Grey-shanked Douc Langar
Coin features the one of the most beautiful primates in the world, the Grey-shanked Douc Langur. Endemic to Indochina, these beautiful Douc Langurs have distinctive markings and bright colours, which differ from the other Douc Langurs

Cat Ba Langur
Coin features the golden headed langur - the Cat Ba Langur, which is found only on Cat Ba Island, located 30 kilometres off the coast of Hai Phong, in Halong Bay, North Vietnam. The leaf-eater numbers about 55 and is only found on Cat Ba Island. Thought to be extinct in the 1990s, its potential as a tourist attraction could aid its preservation.

Vietnam Culture Coin
We are pleased to introduce for the first time a coin representative of the unique culture of Vietnam. The coin features a Vietnamese lady in her traditional costume and the Dan Nguyet, a sort of guitar with a round wooden sound box from which it probably derives its name, nguyet (moon). It has a long neck which emits particularly melodious sounds.

This instrument has an important role in Vietnamese traditional music. Due to its long neck and high frets, it is also used as an ornament.

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Grey-shanked Douc Langur

20grams 999 Silver Proof Colored Coin $