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Dear Investor/Collector,

Gold is in a very strong bull market. Gold may soon be ready to test its all-time high of $850 that it briefly hit over 25 years ago! So what should you do now?

Precious metal 1 oz. coins have traditionally been more popular than smaller sizes with collectors and investors alike. Thus it is no surprise that attention has been centered on the 1 oz. gold Panda coins, rather than to the smaller denominations. While this may make sense with regard to the 1/20th, 1/10th and 1/4 oz. sizes -- which are of greater interest to jewelry manufacturers than investors or collectors -- it does not really make sense for the scarce and undervalued 1/2 oz. coins -- which can be considered the "Cinderellas" of the series.

Let's look at one comparison. In the second year of issue (1983), 22,470 1 oz. gold Pandas and 23,200 1/2 oz. gold Pandas were made. Right now, the 1 oz. piece is selling for about $1,350 while the equally scarce 1/2 oz. coin is priced at about $500. So right now you can buy two 1/2 oz. gold Pandas instead of one 1 oz. gold Panda ... and keep the $350 savings in your wallet. The numbers speak for themselves!

How long can such a disparity last?

One more example. In 1994, the same number of 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. gold Pandas were minted --

exactly 35,000 of each. The 1 oz. coins are now selling for about $1,150, while the 1/2 oz. pieces are priced at about $500. Thus, you can buy two low mintage 1/2 oz. gold 1994 Pandas for about $150 less than one 1 oz. gold Panda. Either way you get 1 oz. of pure gold, but with the 1/2 oz. Pandas you can save about $150!

The story continues with other 1991-1995 1/2 oz. pure gold Pandas, that consistently have lower mintages than their 1 oz. big brothers ... but are greatly undervalued.

All of these Cinderellas are awaiting their investing princes to discover their true value.

For investors/collectors searching for exceptional values, we strongly recommend that you buy these undervalued 1/2 oz. gold Pandas on our web site or call the experts now at Panda America -- whether you are interested in a single coin or in assembling a large portfolio -- before prices rise further. They may never be this low again!

Here are the scarce undervalued 1/2 oz. gold Pandas we currently have in stock, along with their prices today. When you are ready to order, prices may be somewhat higher or lower, and of course all coins are subject to availability. All coins are pristine Brilliant Uncirculated quality.

Click on any date above to see current price and place order if you wish. Or call us at 800-4-PANDAS or (800) 472-6327 to speak with one of our Panda experts.

We look forward to being of service.



PS Early orders are highly recommended due to limited availability.

3460 Torrance Blvd. Suite 100 - Torrance, CA 90503
800-4-PANDAS (800-472-6327) - 310-373-9647 -

*We ship orders when payment is received & confirmed.

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