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12-Ounce Gold Panda Coins - Rare and Available NOW

Here at Panda America, we get many calls from people looking to find a low mintage Panda coin that will increase in value, similar to the 1982 Panda 1 oz. gold.  While that coin is undeniably unique, there are other gems within the Panda coin series that are just waiting to be discovered and increase in value accordingly.  One such example is the 12-ounce gold Panda coin from China, which is without a doubt an extremely rare piece of Chinese history.  These coins typically have a mintage of less than 4,000 pieces per year WORLDWIDE.  Compare this with the fact that there are over 1.3 BILLION people in China and it becomes obvious that the 12-ounce gold Panda coins are an essential part of every Panda coin collection.  There is just one little problem: With such an extremely low mintage, not everyone will be able to have one!

As one of the world's largest legal tender gold coins, the 12-ounce gold Panda coins are made in gem proof quality, and feature a picture of the Temple of Heaven on their obverse that is distinctively different from the 1-ounce counterparts.  Panda America is extremely happy to have 3 different years available for anyone who is interested in a rare, 12-ounce gold Panda.  Simply put, if you've been searching for a low mintage gold Panda coin, this is exactly what you're looking for:

Panda 12 oz Gold







1,000 Yuan

99.9% Gold





1,000 Yuan

99.9% Gold





1,000 Yuan

99.9% Gold




Even as one of the largest distributors of Panda coins in the world, we have less than 5 coins each remaining. Chances are, the quantity we have left won't last long.  Get yours today before they are completely gone by calling us toll-free at 1-800-472-6327 or by visiting our website,

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