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Liberian Pope John Paul II Coins Available!! -- One of History's Great World Leaders Featured on Gold & Silver Coins!!

As one of the world's greatest leaders, Pope John Paul II was often portrayed as the "People's Pope". Millions of people around the world would travel thousands of miles to visit Saint Peters in Rome to catch a glimpse of this legendary Pope. While many items are adorned with the image and name of Pope John Paul II, coins with his image have become some of the most consistently collected and valuable items available. Popes have appeared on gold coins since the reign of Paul V in the early 17th century, but no Pope has appeared on more gold coins than Pope John Paul II. Having traveled to 125 countries over his lifetime, many of these coins were minted commemorating the Pope's trip there.

Panda America is proud to offer a variety of coins issued by the Republic of Liberia and featuring Pope John Paul II. Of particular interest are the 1/2-ounce gold coin and 1/2-ounce silver coin, both proof in quality and both with 99.9% purity. These $20 dollar legal tender coins feature the Pope on the obverse and Saint Peters Cathedral in Rome on the reverse. Minted in the year 2001, the letter "S" below the date is the mark of the artist, Alex Shagin. This coin is also available in a 28 gram, brilliant uncirculated version that has a denomination of $10 dollars and is made of copper-nickel.

We also carry a unique "colored" coin featuring Pope John Paul II, also issued from Liberia. This silver clad proof coin has an obverse that features the Pope in color with a map of Africa in the background. The reverse features the coat of arms for the Republic of Liberia along with the $5 dollar denomination. More information and images can be obtained from the links below:
Liberian Pope John Paul II Coins

While most of his predecessors rarely ventured beyond the walls of the Vatican, John Paul II took the Catholic Church out of Italy and ministered to millions in different countries all over Africa, helping to energize and grow the Church in Africa, even while it struggled to retain popularity in the Western World. Pope John Paul II warned that continued widespread poverty in Africa was fueling conflicts and pushing people toward extremism and violence, but believed that deep faith existed in Africa and that it would help conquer the problems of the region. He famously stated that "despite the mainly negative picture that today characterizes numerous parts of Africa, and despite the sad situations being experienced in many countries, the church has the duty to affirm vigorously that these difficulties can be overcome." This statement further emphasizes his positive belief in the future of Africa.

In Panda America's inventory of over 2,000 different gold coins, we currently have a limited supply of coins commemorating Pope John Paul II. The coins of Pope John Paul II have always been rare and popular, and two and a half years after his death, some of his coins still are selling at astronomical prices on eBay. Our prices however are still at our regular low prices - on a first come, first served basis - that only lasts until we completely sellout! These coins can be purchased from Panda America by calling 1-800-472-6327 or visiting our website at www.PandaAmerica.com

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Price: $1,160.00
Metal: Gold Denomination: 500 Pesos
Weight: 21.5 gm. Mintage: 8,000
Purity: .900 Grade: Proof

Price: $5,232.00
Metal: Gold Denomination: 100,200,300,500,1500 Pesos
Weight: 3.235 troy ounces Mintage: 8000 authorized
Purity: .900 fine Grade: Proof

Price: $9.95
Metal: Copper-nickel Denomination: Ten Dollars
Weight: 28 gm. Mintage: n/a
Purity: n/a Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated

Price: $33.00
Metal: Silver Denomination: Twenty Dollars
Weight: 1/2 oz.
Purity: .999 Grade: Proof

Price: $1,311.00
Metal: Gold Denomination: 20 Dollars
Weight: 1/2 oz. Mintage: 50
Purity: .999 Grade: Proof

Price: $15.00
Metal: Silver Clad Copper-Nickel Denomination: $5
Weight: 25.8 gm.
Grade: Proof

Price: $19.95
Metal: Silver Clad Copper-Nickel Denomination: Five Dollars
Weight: 26 gm. Mintage: 20,000
Grade: Proof

Price: $3,350.00
Metal: Platinum and Gold Denomination: Varies
Weight: 1 oz Platinum and 1/2 oz Gold Mintage: 200
Purity: .999 Grade: Proof
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