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July 12, 2010
The Gold and Silver Panda Coins Buyer's Guide

Panda America is happy to offer our customers a new resource book ALL about Panda Coins: The Gold and Silver Panda Buyer's Guide, a 208-page book, will delight anyone interested in China’s popular precious metal coins. Whether they are building a collection or making investment decisions, Panda buyers will enjoy the more than 800 outstanding photos and comprehensive descriptions and explanations that cover the series from its beginning in 1982 up through 2010.

Collectors and investors will appreciate the book’s unique insights into the Panda market. Many gold and silver Pandas are appreciating rapidly as demand rises. Pandas that were at one time sold as bullion now bring $5,000–$10,000 per oz. of gold and hundreds of dollars per oz. of silver. The Gold and Silver Panda Buyer's Guide explains what makes these coins special and how to identify them. Many remain to be discovered! The never-before published estimates of how many Pandas exist today in collectible condition are a key to predicting which will be tomorrow’s most sought-after coins.

You will also enjoy the in-depth coverage of date varieties, together with large detailed photos to help easily identify them. These varieties are fun to collect and are often the reason why one coin trades significantly higher than another of the same date. Many valuable Pandas still trade hands at common date prices because buyers and sellers don’t yet know which varieties are significant. The Gold and Silver Panda Coin Buyer’s Guide is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to understand & collect Panda coins!

The Gold and Silver Panda Buyer's Guide Book

Highlights include:

  • More than 800 large detailed photos and listings — every Panda is included
  • Weights, metal content and mintage for each coin
  • Identifies best buys
  • Estimates of current B.U. populations
  • Includes Platinum and Palladium coins and Panda Medals
  • Date Varieties described and analyzed
This Panda book is NOW available from Panda America TODAY!

Order yours today by calling
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