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Palladiums Dramatic Rise
The recent "bull" market with precious metals hasn't just been increasing the value of the two most well known metals, gold & silver. It's also been driving up the price of palladium, a  metal a little more under the radar but still very exciting to watch as it also moves on an upward trend. Palladium has increased 97% in the past year, nearly DOUBLING its value in 2009, and outperforming gold, silver, and platinum. Investors bought all precious metals to hedge against a plunging dollar, and most are putting an added emphasis on owning the "actual physical metal" as opposed to a stock that isn't backed by anything.
As we enter into Spring 2010, it looks like further growth in Palladium is locked in, based off of strong, underlying demand and relative scarcity of the metal - annual global supplies total only 7 million ounces! The dramatic increase in Palladium has lead many to believe that there will be a major increase in Palladium in the future.  Now is the PERFECT time to add Palladium to your collection or portfolio, before the price continues to increase!  
Panda America is happy to offer our customers these truly unique Palladium items -  specifically the coins made in China, which have incredibly low availability, with only 8,000 proof 1/2 oz. pure palladium Panda 100 Yuan coins authorized by The People’s Bank of China for each year. The palladium Pandas are far rarer than their gold or silver counterparts.  From what we've heard, it sounds like there won't be another Palladium coin made in China for a very long time - which means THIS is your last chance to get a Palladium coin from China!  Get yours TODAY!

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Price: $2,724.00
Metal:  Palladium Denomination: 100 Yuan
Weight: 1 oz Mintage: 3,000
Purity: 0.9995 Grade: NGC PF-68 UC
Item ID: 12857
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