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August 25, 2010
Natural Gold Nuggets

Have you ever wanted to own gold in it's original form? Perhaps you've read all the stories of the Gold Rush in the 19th Century, or were captivated by trying to find gold in a stream as a kid. Now you CAN own gold in its original form from Panda America! Commonly referred to as nuggets, these gold pieces haven't been molded into a coin or a medal from a mint, but instead remain in their unique and different shape and form just as they were found. Panda America carries a unique collection of gold nuggets for sale at unbeatable prices - each and every single nugget for sale is a ONE TIME ONLY item - once you make your purchase, that item will no longer be available. There is only one nugget with the exact look that you see on our website, and most of these nuggets come from either California or Alaska. Also keep in mind that most nuggets are generally 90% pure or better, which makes them attractive items for gold investors. So, start browsing!

It is estimated that the annual production of nuggets as being no more than 8.5 tons. Whereas, world annual diamond production exceeds 100 million carats, or 20 tons and is rising by a few percentage points per annum. Thus, nuggets are more rare than diamonds. This is even the case if only gem quality diamonds are considered. When both gem and industrial diamonds are considered, nuggets are more than twice as rare. When the relative volumes, rather than the weights, are considered, on a volume-for-volume basis, nuggets are more than 10 times as rare as diamonds. While almost all diamonds ever found have been carefully preserved, virtually all nuggets found before 1990 have been melted down. This factor would seem to establish conclusively the extreme rarity of natural gold nuggets in comparison to diamonds.

For all your gold needs, whether it's coins, medals, or nuggets,
Call Panda America TODAY at 1-800-472-6327

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