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January 13, 2010

Scarce “No Bullets” Coin Variety Included in
2008 Mexico Independence Bicentenary Mint Sets

In 2008, Banco de México issued 7 bimetallic coins commemorating the Bicentenary of the Mexican Independence Movement (1810-2010). Each bimetallic 5 peso coin has an aluminum-bronze center surrounded by a ring of stainless steel. The seven coins issued in 2008 honored: Ignacio López Rayón (1773-1832), lawyer, miner, and farmer from Tlalpujahua, who joined Hidalgo's forces early, becoming his secretary, and later he established the Supreme Governing Junta (August 1811), of which he was president; Carlos María de Bustamante (1774-1848), joined the insurgent forces of Morelos, published the Correo del Sur, and participated in sessions of the Chilpancingo Congress—in particular, in the editing of the act of Independence; Francisco Xavier Mina (1789-1817), after many difficult encounters with the royalist forces in which he demonstrated his military prowess, Mina was finally captured in October 1817 and executed by firing squad soon afterwards; Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos (1768-1808), in response to the first attempt to establish a government fully independent from Spain in Mexico, the Yermo riot broke out, leading to the imprisonment of Primo de Verdad, who died in jail shortly afterward; Mariano Matamoros (1770-1814), a priest that supported the insurgency cause, for which he was imprisoned by the viceregal government at the beginning of the uprising and was executed by firing squad in February 1814; Miguel Ramos Arizpe (1775-1843), a priest and politician from Coahuila who was one of the most outstanding liberal politicians and federalists who participated in the defense and construction of independent Mexico; and Hermenegildo Galeana (1772-1814), a farmer from the Costa Grande region, who in 1810 joined the rebel forces of General Morelos with a group of men and provided the first cannon to the insurgent army.

The 2008 Bicentenary coin mint sets in Banco de México custom folders actually contain 8 coins—with the 8th coin being a scarce variety of the Ramos coin. An official of Banco de México has indicated that seven of the coins contain bullets to the left and right of “México 2010” at the bottom of the obverse, while the eighth coin (Francisco Primo de Verdad y Ramos) does not--adding that “The one without the dots is a scarce coin and it gives additional value to the set, as it was not meant to be that way.”

Mexico 2008 Bicentenary of the Beginning of the Mexican Independence Movement (1810-2010) Commemorative Bimetallic Coins Mint Sets—including the scarce Ramos “No Bullets” variety--are available from official distributor Panda America.

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Price: $15.00
Metal: Aluninum Bronze/Stainless Steel Denomination: 5 Peso
Weight: 7.070 gm. x 6
Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated
Item ID: 10341

Price: $20.00
Metal: Aluninum Bronze/Stainless Steel Denomination: 5 Peso
Weight: 7.070 gm. x 8
Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated
Item ID: 10342

Price: $29.00

 Crisp Uncirculated 2010-dated 100-Peso and 200-Peso Banknotes.

Purity: 1
Item ID: 10146
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