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June 16, 2010
Announcing the 8th Japan Prefecture Coin - Kochi!

Japanese Kochi Prefecture Coin Features The "Father of Modern Japan",
Sakamoto Ryoma
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The Japan Mint is issuing the most extensive and beautiful series of coins in its history—commemorating 47 Prefectures. The large Prefecture 40 mm. coins are being minted in gem proof quality from 99.9% pure silver, limited to 100,000 of each, and picture local scenery, flora and fauna, etc. in full color. Kochi is featured on the 8th Prefecture coin. The design pictures Sakamoto Ryoma, the “Father of Modern Japan” and an extremely popular figure in the culture and history of the country. He is so popular in fact, that he is featured in numerous Japanimation movies and cartoons, ensuring his legend will grow with future generations. This has led the Japanese Prefecture coin to ALREADY SELL-OUT in Japan! There were more PRE-ORDERS for this coin than the mintage allowed, assuring that this coin will become a true collectors item!  GET YOURS TODAY!

Japan 2010 47 Prefectures Series Program - Kochi 1 oz Silver Proof Coin

The Kochi airport is named after Ryoma, as he is fondly called by his countrymen, and the handsome Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum was opened in 1991. He was born in Kochi in 1835 and assassinated in Kyoto at the age of 33, living only long enough to see one month of Japan's drastic change ("The Meiji Restoration"), marking the end of 700 years of feudalism. Sadly, Ryoma never saw the modern Japan he had struggled to build. Ryoma left home at 28, and traveled throughout Japan to reform the national political and economic system. He was a renowned swordsman, who had served as head of an elite fencing academy in Edo (now Tokyo), and was also a leader of the young samurai. In 1866, Ryoma’s uncanny power of persuasion succeeded in forming an alliance between the Satsuma and Choshu clans, that had been traditional enemies, and the following year he formulated an "Eight-Point Program" for the modernization of Japan. In a bloodless revolution, Ryoma succeeded in forcing the Shogun to abdicate and turn over power to the emperor. Along the way, Ryoma Sakamoto also managed to establish Kaientai, the first modern corporation in Japan. It functioned as Ryoma’s modernized navy and was at times more powerful than the local government! No wonder that, a few years ago, when executives of 200 Japanese corporations were asked “Who from the past millennium of world history would be most useful in overcoming Japan’s current financial crisis?” Ryoma received more mention than any other historical figure.

These newly issued coins are already sold out in Japan, but are offered while supplies last by the official United States distributor, Panda America. The mintage is limited to 100,000, with only 5,000 reserved for collectors outside of the Japanese market.

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