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International Skills Festival for All, Japan 2007

In November, 2007 Japan hosted the International Skills Festival For All in Shizuoka, Japan.  This festival consisted of two specific competitions:  The World Skills Competition and the 7th International Abilympics.  Over 50 countries were represented at the International Skills Festival for All, competing in over 50 different skill categories.  Here is some more info regarding each competition:

The World Skills Competition - This competition, which is held every two years, displays excellence in vocational training for people aged 21 and younger.  They compete against each other in various trades and test themselves against demanding international standards.  Not only just a competition, the participants gain valuable feedback and positive reinforcement in the vocation in which they are trained and may pursue as a career.  Skill categories include Distribution Technology, Auto body Repair,  Welding, Graphic Design Technology, Metal Roofing, Industrial Electronics, Stonemasonry, Jewellery, and Carpentry.

The 7th International Abilympics - This competition is a venue for displaying the abilities of people with disabilities.  Used as a platform to raise awareness about the talents of people with disabilities, the competition features a range of vocational skill categories, such as Electronics Assembly, Data Processing, Photography, Chess, and Accounting.  The mission of the Abilympics is to help overturn traditional views and misconceptions regarding the skills abilities and potential of the disabled.

To commemorate the International Skills Festival, the Japan Mint created a beautiful 1-ounce silver coin that is legal tender with a denomination of 1,000 Japanese Yen.  The specifications are below:

International Skills Festival for All, Japan 2007

Pure Silver
JPY 1,000
Coloration (Pad Printing):
Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green
80,000 pieces WORLDWIDE
International Skills Festival Silver Coin

Click here to purchase your International Skills Festival Silver Coin for $129.00

The design on the obverse features two crossing rainbows as well as the logo of the International Skills Festival.  The design on the reverse features Mount Fuji, a dormant volcano that is also the highest mountain in Japan.  It is located west of Tokyo and is a well-known symbol of Japan due to its exceptionally symmetrical cone, as depicted on this coin.  Each coin comes in a unique presentation box with the "Skills 2007" logo on the outside.

These exciting new coins have a limited supply here in the United States and are sure to be a hit with any collection.  Call Panda America today at 1-800-472-6327 or visit our website at


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