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In the early 1980's in a small town of Northern Germany, by the North Sea, a small horde of Medieval silver and gold coins was discovered. These coins were unearthed in an old house, built in the fifteenth century and scheduled for demolition. All of the coins were minted prior to 1550. Due to flooding over the centuries, the silver coins were badly oxidized, and of no consequence, but the gold coins were in superb condition. One can just imagine the wealthy merchant who hid these coins in his home to avoid the eyes of his neighbors or the tax collector. Then presumably, he must have died without informing anyone of his treasure. The following coins included here are all of the pieces that are available to the collecting public.

These rare hammered Goldguldens of the 14th to 16th century are very seldom seen anywhere, and possibly have never been seen in such quality in the United States.

These coins, reflecting their date and place of origin, are usually religious in nature. Thus, they most often have a portrait of a bishop or saint on the obverse, with a coat of arms of their issuing area on the reverse.

Usually, such coins, as a result of their age, are poorly preserved, and grade fine or lower. We are most fortunate in that most of the pieces we have bought grade very fine and extremely fine. We even have a few that are almost uncirculated specimens.

There is one major catalog, written in English, that contains these pieces. That book is, "Gold Coins of the World", by Robert Friedberg. All of these coins are listed in the book in two grades, Very fine, and Extremely Fine. These two grades are used, because better than Extremely Fine is usually not possible for such early coins. What is truly amazing about our grouping, is that many of the pieces are actually better than Extremely fine, and certified so as well!
Therefore, we can offer two distinct levels, uncertified coins in fine and very fine, and certified coins, most often better than very fine.

Please note that the Krause Catalog that many of you own, do not contain these coins. That is because the Krause books begin at 1600, and these coins predate the book.

Please take some time to study these coins. It will be a long time before anyone sees such a grouping again. Click here to shop online.

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