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Another Gold Rush is coming as Gold Hits 28 Year High!!!

As the dollar continues to slide to record lows against the euro, the price of gold has risen more than 15%, and is currently at a 28 year high of $737.00 per ounce. The all time high of $850 was in January 1980. While gold has always been viewed as a hedge against stock market losses and consistently purchased, once the price of gold starts to creep upwards, many more people start to look for ways to invest in it. Jewelry consumes part of the gold that comes into the market, but there are other easier, more convenient ways to own precious metals that are minted in the highest quality. One example is the Panda coin series from China, one of the most popular minted coins in the world. Other gold coins that make investing in gold painless and simple to add to your portfolio include American Gold Eagles, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs and South African Gold Krugerrands.


Gold Charts

With the recent increases in the spot price of gold inching higher and higher, many people are left to wonder if they waited too long to buy into gold. However, a closer analysis of market conditions and stocks shows that mining stocks, which typically mirror the stocks of gold only much earlier and in advance, increased in value over 40% in the same period that gold increased by 15%. If the price of gold stocks follows the pricing of mining stocks, and mining stock increases have recently doubled gold increases, what does this mean for the future increase in the price of gold??? While no one can know for sure, it should at the very least be a signal that its not too late to buy gold. While the price of gold is influenced by the economy and inflation, uncertainty in the financial world tends to bolster gold prices as well. Because of that uncertainty, there is an added emphasis on preserving capital - and gold does that better than ANYTHING else!!

Panda America has a large selection of gold coins from around the world at reasonable prices and in a variety of different sizes. No matter what your budget is, we can get you into a unique gold piece that makes you a player in the gold market. You can get your hands on gold today by calling 1-800-472-6327 or visiting our website at

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