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Press Releases
PandaAmerica makes market in certified Pandas

Martin Weiss, President of PandaAmerica, considers the establishment of a certified Panda market as the most important development in Panda Gold Coins since their introduction in 1982.

As the first distributor of Panda gold coins in the United States, PandaAmerica has probably seen more gold panda coins than almost anyone else. For more than two decades, PandaAmerica has offered beautiful brilliant uncirculated coins, just as they received them directly from the China Mint.

It is now possible for collectors to assemble matched quality date sets of certified gold Pandas. Out of the first group of 200 Panda gold coins submitted (of various years) to one of the leading certification services, 10% did not meet the minimum certified grade requirement of MS-67 … and only about 3% reached the heights of perfection (MS-70). The other 85% were divided between MS-67, 68 and 69.

A web page is now under construction, where collectors will be able to get up-to-the-minute quotes, and place orders using credit cards. PandaAmerica will also actively be seeking to buy certified Panda gold coins. For now, prices and availability of different years and certified grades can be obtained by calling (800) 4-PANDAS or (310) 373-9647, or e-mailing The company's address is PandaAmerica, 3460 Torrance Blvd. Suite 100, Torrance, CA 90503.

Note on Grading Terms

Perfect Mint State (MS-70) is theoretical perfection. To achieve such a grade, the planchet must have been perfectly formed, and have flawless, lint-free surfaces. The dies must have been in new condition and raised from unworn masters, and the dies must have had no lint, dust, oil or other contaminants on their surfaces. The coining press must have been perfectly adjusted to give a full strike to the coin, which must have received no marks upon being ejected from the press.

Superb Mint State (MS-67, 68 and 69) coins will immediately catch the experienced eye and will appear as perfect coins to many. They are distinguished by their full (or very nearly full) strike, superb, virtually flawless surfaces and superb luster. If there are any shortcomings or detractions, they are not initially obvious, but will be discovered only after extensive study under magnification. These are exceptional pieces, rarely seen.

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Prepared by Mel Wacks

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