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Beijing 2008 Olympics Series III Coins UNVEILED!!!

After months of waiting, we have finally been sent the images for the Series III of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games complete coin set.  It was worth the wait, as the designs for Series III are gorgeous! 

Each coin from Series III features a design unique to the theme of the collection.  The 1/3-ounce gold coins have a design focusing on the Ancient Chinese Sporting Events of Wrestling and Cuju (Soccer).  Both proof coins are 99.9% pure gold and also feature the Olympiad pictogram for each representative sport.  There are four different 1-ounce silver coin designs, which include:  Traditional Chinese Peking Opera, Yangge (a popular rural folk dance), Lion Dances, and Big Bowl Tea.  Each coin is made of 99.9% pure silver and also features elaborate colored designs.

The complete collection of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Coins Series 3

Click here to view the complete collection of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

In addition to the coins of the complete Olympic set, we also have images of the brand new 1-kilogram silver proof coin and 5-ounce gold proof coin issued exclusively with Series III.  The 1-kilogram silver proof coin features a battle of Tug-Of-War.  The 5-ounce gold proof coin features modern sports.  Both coins have a reverse featuring the official Beijing 2008 Olympic logo with two dragons intertwined.

Now is a perfect time to get your complete coin collection for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, which are only 155 days away.  Call Panda America NOW at 1-800-472-6327 or visit our website at www.PandaAmerica.com

We will only accept U.S. domestic orders, meaning all fifty states, the District of Columbia, all territories and possessions except Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam and the Virgin Islands.

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Tel: 800 472-6327 | 310 373-9647 Fax: 310 378-6024
www.PandaAmerica.com | info@PandaAmerica.com

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Price: $5,500.00
Metal: Gold and Silver Denomination: 150 Yuan and 10 Yuan
Mintage: 60,000 sets (worldwide)
Purity: .999 Grade: Proof

Price: $1,400.00
Metal: Silver Denomination: 10 Yuan
Weight: Total 12 oz Mintage: 100,000 set (worldwide)
Purity: .999 Grade: Proof

Price: $500.00
Metal: Silver Denomination: 10 Yuan x 4
Weight: 4 oz Mintage: 160,000 sets
Purity: .999 Grade: Proof

Price: $2,350.00

Price: $2,695.00
Metal: Silver Denomination: 300 Yuan
Weight: 1 Kilo Mintage: 20,008
Purity: .999 Grade: NGC PRF-70

Price: $14,950.00
Metal: Gold
Weight: 5 oz
Purity: .999 Grade: NGC PF 69
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