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Introducing the 2008 Beijing Olympics 1 Kilo Silver coin

Chinese Silver Kilo coins have a history of being extremely popular and difficult to find after they quickly sell out. Minted in the highest quality, the China Mint has now added a new Silver Kilo coin to its prestigious list: The Official Beijing 2008 Olympic 1 Kilo Silver coin. Available now for a limited time, we expect this beautiful coin to sell out LONG before the Beijing Olympics start. All of the exciting details are below!

The obverse side features two very distinct ancient Chinese sporting images on the coin: At the bottom the coin features ancient Chinese dragon boat racing, with four muscular racers paddling their way to victory aboard the boat. At the top of the coin there is a pack of horses racing against each other. The obverse side of this coin is a striking blend of Chinese culture and competitive sporting, a perfect representation of the upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympics.

The reverse side of the coin features in Chinese script the saying "Peoples Republic of China". Featured prominently in the center of the coin is the official Beijing 2008 Olympic logo, surrounded by two ancient Chinese dragons intertwining and facing the logo.Box

The 1 Kilo Silver coin comes protected in a lacquered wooden display box emblazoned with the official Beijing 2008 Olympic logo and packaged in a sturdy red cardboard protector, also featuring the official Olympic logo. The denomination is 300 Yuan and the coin is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. The year featured on the coin is 2008, and the coin itself is a full 1 kilogram of pure 99.9% silver with an extremely low mintage of 20,008 WORLDWIDE. With over a billion people in China alone, this coin won't be around for very long. Order yours today from Panda America at or call 1-800-472-6327.


We will only accept U.S. domestic orders, meaning all fifty states, the District of Columbia, all territories and possessions except Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam and the Virgin Islands.


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