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Get YOUR Olympic 2008 Panda Coin or Medal TODAY!

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are 25 days away…
but Olympic Pandas have already arrived!!!

As many of you have heard, China was devastated with a massive earthquake in May of this year.  The region where the earthquake struck was particularly noteworthy to fans of the loveable Panda, as it was the location of the Wolong Nature Reserve, which is the world's largest Panda breeding center.  An estimated 1,400 Pandas live in the earthquake affected areas.

In an effort to raise awareness and funds for the quake-shaken area, eight young Pandas were evacuated from the earthquake region in June and moved to the Beijing Zoo.  These eight Pandas are now being referred to as the "Olympic Pandas", due to their arrival right before the beginning of the Olympics.  This has created a pandemonium of interest in anticipation for the Olympic Games to go along with the aura of cuteness that typically represents all Pandas.  Visitors to Beijing are making special trips to the Beijing Zoo just to see these Pandas.  However you need not go to Beijing to see an Olympic Panda…Panda America has MANY Olympic Year 2008 Panda coins and medals from China available NOW!

Click Here to View 2008 Panda coins and medals

Now you too can have your own "Olympic Panda", all of which will feature the year 2008…a year undeniably associate with China and the Olympics.  Panda America has many 2008 Panda coins and medals in both gold and silver - a perfect memento to commemorate this Olympic year!  Call Panda America TODAY at 1-800-472-6327 or visit our website at www.PandaAmerica.com

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Tel: 800 472-6327 | 310 373-9647 Fax: 310 378-6024
www.PandaAmerica.com | info@PandaAmerica.com

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Price: $115.00
Metal: Silver Denomination: 10 Yuan
Weight: 1 oz
Purity: 0.999 Grade: NGC MS-69

Price: $5.95
Metal: Gold Plated

Price: $25.00
Grade: Proof

Price: $455.00
Metal: Gold
Weight: 0.20 oz Mintage: 5,000
Purity: .999 Grade: Proof

Price: $115.00
Metal: Silver Denomination: 10 Yuan
Weight: 1 oz
Purity: .999 Grade: NGC MS-69

Price: $10.00
Mintage: 200,000
Grade: Proof

Price: $228.00
Metal: Gold Denomination: 50 Yuan
Weight: 1/10 oz Mintage: 57,004
Purity: .999 fine Grade: NGC MS-69

Please CALL
Metal: Gold Denomination: 20 Yuan
Weight: 1/20 oz Mintage: 69,704
Purity: .999 Grade: Proof-like

Please CALL
Metal: Gold Denomination: 50 Yuan
Weight: 1/10 oz Mintage: 57,004
Purity: .999 Grade: BU
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