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Chinese Folk Custom
The Lantern Festival Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins
The People's Bank of China issued a set of Chinese Folk Custom---The Lantern Festival gold and silver commemorative coins on December 22, 2003. This set of commemorative coins is comprised of a gold and silver coin. They are legal tender coins of the People's Republic of China.

Designs on the commemorative coins:

This set of commemorative coins share the same designs on both obverse and reverse side of the coins. The common obverse design features the emblem of the PRC., a pattern in Chinese folk paper-cut, the title of the PRC., and year 2004; the common reverse design features the image of a child playing with a festive lantern, and the image of a Chinese traditional architecture, as well as Chinese characters ( which means The Lantern Festival ) and the face value.

Specifications and mintages:

The gold coin is proof in quality, contains 1/3oz. pure gold, 99.9% in purity, round in shape, 23mm in diameter, 150Yuan in face value. The mintage is 20,000pc.

The silver coin is proof in quality, contains 1oz. pure silver, 99.9% in purity, round in shape, 40mm in diameter, 10Yuan in face value. The mintage is 60,000pc..

These commemorative coins are minted by Shenzhen Guobao Mint. These coins are now available at PandaAmerica Corp. 3460 Torrance Blvd. Suite 100, Torrance CA, 90503. Call 1 (800) 4 PANDAS (1.800.427.6327), 1 (310) 373 – 9647 or eMail

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PandaAmerica is an official distributor of
The People’s Bank of China’s
China Gold Coin Incorporation

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