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Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ 1914-S  Double Eagle Gold coins  PCGS certified MS-64 & MS-65
Considered by many to be the most beautiful U.S. coin ever made, the twenty-dollar gold piece designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens can be one of the most difficult coins to find in high quality. Panda America is proud to offer in a limited supply the 1914-S Saint Gaudens Double Eagle ($20) Gold in both PCGS MS-64 and MS-65 state. Seldom seen graded this high, these recently obtained coins come from their original Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco bag which was found stashed and hoarded in a hidden estate from the thirties and just now unearthed. The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle 1914-S graded at MS-64 and MS-65 is unique among the Saint Gaudens coins because in many ways it is the "sleeper" of the early San Francisco Mint coins, one of the true undervalued Saint Gaudens that is still considered affordable.
1914-S Saint Gaudens Double Eagle ($20) Gold PCGS Certified

The total population of these coins that is certified is very low: consider that out of a total mintage of 1,498,000 for the 1914-S Saint Gaudens, only 7,895 are graded MS-64 and only 2,355 are graded MS-65. When compared with the availability of a common year Saint Gaudens, such as 1924 or 1927 with an MS-64 and MS-65 availability of up to 130,000, the unique nature of these coins becomes quickly evident. With such a drastic difference in availability, one would assume the price would reflect this difference. But as you can see from the chart below, the coins are actually remarkably similar and close in price, DESPITE the drastic difference in availability!! The bottom line is that the value is not indicative of the true rareness for the graded 1914-S Saint Gaudens Double Eagle. The price becomes even more impressive when viewed with modern U.S. Mint produced gold coins that are much more common and available for the same money.


The history of the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle coins that survived up to today is an interesting one and one of the coin worlds most fascinating. This Double Eagle coin was made from 1907 until 1933, and features a strong and pronounced Lady Liberty on the obverse holding a flamed torch and surrounded on the coins edge by 48 stars, representing the number of states that were in the United States at the time.

The relative rarity of high quality Double Eagle Saint Gaudens owes largely to the fact that in order to end the 1930's general bank crisis, President Franklin Roosevelt abolished gold coinage in 1934. Due to this, there was a "Great Recall" of Gold Coins, and it became illegal for citizens to have private possession of United States gold coins. As a result, many of the Double Eagle Saint Gaudens were melted by the government, which had required that people turn their gold coins in for other forms of currency. This destroyed the number of Saint Gaudens in existence and in particular affected the majority of high quality gold coins. When the coins do show up and are offered, they are normally the specimens that survived because they were stored in French and Swiss banks during the time of the Great Recall, or they were coins that were kept from the seizing authorities in 1934 when they should have been turned in. Of course over the years the law changed, and now many U.S. citizens enjoy having gold coins as a part of their collection and diversified portfolio.

Now is a great time to make a graded 1914-S Saint Gaudens Double Eagle part of YOUR collection. The combination of rareness and affordability is not often seen in the coin industry. Call Panda America today at 1-800-472-6327 or visit our website at

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